YouTube Down: Everything You Need to Know

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Being the world’s largest online video platform, it’s no surprise why YouTube has more than 1.5 billion site visitors each month. In fact, more than a billion hours of videos are watched on a daily basis, and almost 400 hours of video content are uploaded.

However, YouTube, like any other online platform, is created by humans. This means that it can run into some issues to which you may experience YouTube down.

Although Google is doing a great job of keeping YouTube running, there are still a few occasional instances when its users encounter YouTube outage. The bad news is that YouTube is not part of Google’s App Status.

Is YouTube Down Right Now: Here’s What to Do

For sure, you’ll feel disappointed knowing the videos on YouTube are not working.

Fortunately, when YouTube is not working issue comes your way, no need to stress too much. Be it on your iOS, Android, or PC device, the following tips will help you figure out the answer to what’s wrong with YouTube.

Tip 1: Check Your Internet Connection

  • Open your devices’ settings menu
  • If you are not yet connected, connect to your carrier’s network or to a Wi-Fi
  • Open your YouTube app
  • Try to play video

Most of the time, the Internet connection issue is the reason why videos fail to play on YouTube. Other than that technical error, the video platform went down as the cloud service of Google has experienced an outage for about four hours in some areas of the U.S.

Before blaming the ISP or device, you should figure out whether YouTube is not working for everyone or just for you. To do this, you can visit Down for Everyone or Just Me or Down Detector sites.

In case the issue it just for you and you are connected to the Internet, it’s best to check if there’s a problem with your Internet access. But, in case you can perform Internet-related tasks like Google search except for visiting YouTube, then the problem is not about the connection.

Tip 2: Restart Your Device

  • Press and hold your device’s power button
  • Once the restart option appeared on the screen, tap it
  • After your device turns back on, try to play a YouTube video

You’ll agree that most of the device-related problems were resolved by restarting these devices. So, you can also try it with a YouTube down issue. That’s because it will help to close some apps that are running in the background, which might be the cause of the issues. You can do the restarting process in just a matter of a minute or so.

Tip 3: Update Your Device’s Operating System

  • Open your device’s settings menu
  • Look for and tap on the “System updates” option
  • If available, download and install the update

When you encounter issues like YouTube not working, there’s a small chance that it might be caused by an outdated version of your devices’ operating system. To fix it, all you need to do is to open the settings menu of iOS, Android, or PC device, and select the “System updates” option. If an update is available, make sure to download it.

Be aware of the location of the “System update” option will depend on your device. You may find it under the “About phone” option in your device’s settings menu. After the download process and your device are up-to-date, then click the “Install” button to allow your device to reboot. After that, try opening the YouTube application and play a video.

Tip 4: Clear the Cache and Data of Your YouTube App

  • Open your device’s settings menu
  • Tap on the “Apps” option and choose the YouTube app
  • Select “Storage” and tap on the “Clear data/Clear cache” button

If you find the above tips not working, then your next solution is to clear the cache and data of your YouTube app. It will help you delete all the app data and or temporarily get rid of data.

Once you opened the device’s settings menu, tap on the “Apps” option before choosing the YouTube app. Next is to select the “Storage.” First, you can clear the cache to check if the app is now working. If not, you can go back and proceed to delete the data to try resolving the problem.

Tip 5: Check Your Device’s Date and Time Settings

  • Open your device’s settings menu
  • Tap on the “Date & Time” option
  • Turn on “Automatic date and time

Checking the date and time settings of your settings may sound strange, but you can still try it to fix the problem. If you do not set these settings properly, the website servers of Google may fail to sync with them.

You need to head into your device’s settings and tap on the “Date & Time” settings. You need the “Automatic date & time” option turned on. If you find this tip not working, you can move on to the last solution.

Tip 6: Update Your YouTube App

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Select the “My app & games” option
  • Choose the “Update” button if an update is available.

Other than the above tips, you can try updating the YouTube app to resolve the problem. Open the Google Play store app and tap “My app & games” to check whether or not an update is available.

If yes, click the “Update” button, and wait for one minute or two for the process to complete. Then, you can launch the app to figure out if everything is working right.


Is YouTube down right now? With the above hints and tips, there’s no way for you not to resolve that issue. Happy video streaming!


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