Wells Fargo Outage, What Can You Do?

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The Wells Fargo is one of the most trusted providers of retail bank services for people and businesses. They offer services which include savings, checking, credit cards, loans as well as mortgages. The users of the Wells Fargo can check their account transactions and balances by mobile and online banking apps. These apps can be accessible in tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

If you want to save your time and effort for your financial matters, the Wells Fargo can be your efficient solution. They can offer you with quality service and good and consistent customer support that can offer you with high level of satisfaction for your specific needs. Meanwhile, what if there is a Wells Fargo outage? For sure, it will alarm and make you worried since you can experience inconvenience in accessing their services.

Don’t worry because there are alternative solutions you can do to deal with Wells Fargo down.

What to Do If There Is Wells Fargo Down?

There are some possible ways to deal with Wells Fargo online banking outage. You can try the following to enjoy the online banking services of the company. It is natural that using the service of Wells Fargo is an important and huge investment for you. With that, you must always be updated about them. You must know whether there’s an outage or not. To make the best of your use of their services, consider the following.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you can’t access the services of Wells Fargo, one way to do is to check your internet connection. You must not panic to reduce stress that can be caused by the outage. If there’s no problem with your internet connection and if the other devices are working, then there’s another possible cause of the issue.

Restart the device

Restarting your device can also be a good solution for the outage. Turn off first your device, and after few minutes, you can turn it on again. If it still doesn’t work, it is time for doing another solution.

Check the Wells Fargo Outage Map

One of the best ways to solve any difficulty you encounter with Wells Fargo is to check the Wells Fargo outage map. It will help you about the areas that have outage of the service. Even more important, you can also know if your area belongs to the Wells Fargo outage. You can now determine on how long the outage will take place.

Contact Wells Fargo

If you find any problem in accessing your online banking accounts in your mobile phone or tablet, you can directly contact the customer support of the Wells Fargo. With this, you can ask them help and what causes the problem. If you want peace of mind with your online banking, savings, and other important aspects for your account, you must reach out with the team of Wells Fargo.

If you can’t access Wells Fargo login, it is time for you to ask questions and help from their customer representative directly. You can also contact them online on their official website. They post the latest update about Wells Fargo to make sure that the users will not worry much about their online banking accounts.

The spokesperson of the Wells Fargo stated that the reasons behind the outage is a smoke in facility and not a cybersecurity event. According to their team, they are also working on the issue and prevent attack from the hackers. They value the safety and security of their clients, so you have nothing to fear during the outage. They apologise for the inconvenience that cause by the problems on their system.

Back Up and Alternative

The clients can go to their branches and use credit and debit cards. The ATM will also be available again, and problems on duplicate transactions are solved. The team of Wells Fargo also stated that online banking and mobile banking systems are operational.

Meanwhile, the team also said that some clients can experience some intermittent outages as they bring back their full operation of their services.

Reversed Fees

The Well Fargo will reverse fees for lending and banking clients that were affected by the power shutdown. The company also said that lending account fees like the following will be waived for clients with their home equity lines, auto loans, student loans, mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans:

  • Non-sufficient funds fees
  • Transfer fees on credit accounts
  • Cash advance fees
  • Late payment fees
  • Over limit fees for small business clients
  • Overdraft protection fees

On the other hand, reversed fees for clients with saving and checking accounts are:

  • Overdraft fees
  • Excess activity fees
  • Non-sufficient funds fees
  • Fees for non-Wells Fargo ATM balance inquiries
  • Fees for non-Wells Fargo ATM transactions and cash withdrawals

Multiple Bank Accounts

Technical issue like Wells Fargo outage can be unpredictable. So, having multiple bank accounts can also a great help. If you can’t access one bank, you can have alternative to open your emergency savings account. With this, you have peace of mind since you can still access your account despite the outage.

With the above ideas, you can handle Wells Fargo outage in the best possible manner. However, you must also take safety precautions to avoid scams, frauds, and other types of forgeries. With that, you can’t experience regrets and disappointments in the end. After the outage is finish, you can enjoy again the savings, checking, credit cards, loans as well as mortgages services of Wells Fargo.

Do you want to have hassle-free experience in accessing your online and mobile banking accounts? Then, you must stay updated about the Wells Fargo’s services. You can get reliable details on their official website. You can also contact them directly to have assurance that you are dealing only with an authorised person from the team of Wells Fargo.

It is natural that you can always encounter technical problems for your online and mobile banking accounts, so you must be patient enough to handle Well Fargo outages in a more relax way.


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